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Tiffany & Co releases a paper cup – made of sterling silver

Luxury brands have been channelling creativity into elevating everyday objects - to amuse rather than impress.

These days, it is not enough to satisfy the public’s aspiration for beautiful things just by creating beautiful things. Luxury brands are fighting to be noticed in a deluge of social media images, and, they’ve decided that if they can’t impress, they will at least amuse, by taking quotidian objects and making them covetable again. Remember Karl Lagerfeld’s supermarket filled with Chanel-branded groceries?

More recently, Moschino sent a model wearing a tissue box hat down the runway. Louis Vuitton is peddling monogrammed skipping ropes for the holidays, which will probably feature in some turkey-fattened influencer’s “fitspo” post come January.

Meanwhile, Tiffany & Co shrugs because it’s been prettifying everyday knick-knacks for over 180 years – this year, it’s offering first-aid kits in sterling silver, and it has decided paper cups should no longer be made of paper. So stop tittering and start shopping – because, at the very least, you now know what gifts to buy someone who already has everything. (


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